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Frequently Asked Questions :


To start, know that we ship all over the world! 


All of our direct intake kits are custom developed for each vehicle. The hoses are cut to length and must not be recut for any reason, otherwise the guarantee of performance and proper functioning of the kit would be altered!

When you say complete kit, what does that mean?

We have chosen to provide all the parts needed to assemble the kit. Are therefore included (Parts may vary depending on the type of vehicle):

o GT'Intake intake hose

o Hose GT'Intake rocker cover 

o All oil vapor circuit hoses cut to length

o The oil recovery tank

o The GT'Intake 

o The stainless steel collars required for assembly

o The Rilsan collars required for assembly

o Brass fittings

o A roll of woven tape to protect the bundle 

o Stickers


Will the filter absorb too hot air?

Concerning the temperature, a test on circuit by more than 35°C over a full day is largely representative. Indeed, there were moments of stopping before being able to roll, restarts on slow and fast turns and also long loads. We agree that the principle of a direct admission means that we absorb hotter air than the original air box, but also and above all a very large quantity of air. Otherwise everyone would have a dynamic intake on a turbo engine... Except most, if not all, are direct intake because a very large volume of air is needed at full load. The maximum peak on the track at 35°C outside was 55°C. But during our session, which lasted more than 7 minutes at full charge, we were on average at 45°C: therefore a delta between +10°C and +20°C with ambient air. This assembly is possible because the exchanger is good as standard on the 308 GTI and is fitted on the 308 TCR with 350CV and is therefore largely sufficient for the original vehicle and reprogrammed stage 1 (unlike the 208/207...). Switching to a more efficient exchanger, such as CORE GARETT, will significantly increase the gain. 

Why an oil catcher?

The oil catcher prevents contamination of the intake valves. If in less than 10,000 km we have recovered the equivalent of two thimbles of oil, it is because the original blow-by system is not as efficient as expected by Peugeot. It is certainly better than that of the 208 GTI and even better than that of the 207 RC, but it still lets through oil vapors which settle on the valves. They get dirty because they are not washed by the fuel (principle of direct injections as everyone now knows). The choice to offer a complete kit, implies for us to increase the long-term reliability and to eliminate the risks of clogging of the valves and the turbo by oil vapor. This problem also arises on the TSI/TFSI for example.

Is the flow meter too close to the turbo?

Regarding the proximity of the flowmeter, we are as far as possible on this type of assembly. The computer must be moved to save space on certain models. However, the problem is not only that of proximity to the turbo. Without going into design details, this is a problem that has obviously been taken into account. It is also according to the type of vehicle and flow meter that we have chosen a RAMAIR filter or PIPERCROSS

Why not partition the filter?

Regarding the partitioning, for the moment we have not had any gain on the models we have tested (temperature and MAF / engine speed), but we still have a few ideas to explore. Partitioning an area to reduce heat is a good thing, but if it is to reduce the air absorption capacity, it would be counterproductive to the desired objective of perf gains (performance and responsiveness). Adding a bulkhead would also increase the price of the intake kit as well as handling during installation.

This is why we have created on certain models (308 GTI T9 for example) a heat shield partition plate in anodized aluminum, in order to limit heat transfer while keeping a large air area 

Why did you choose the Ramair/Pipercross brand for your air filters?

It was imperative for us to provide a quality filter for our kits. Ramair & Pipercross are known in the prep world for their foam filters. The filtration quality is excellent and the foam is durable.

Note that some air filter references do not exist anywhere else, they are tailor-made and have been created specifically for our brand. You won't find them anywhere else. 

Do you want to change your air filter or buy one in advance? Go to our "Online store" section

What is the level of difficulty and the assembly time?

NO MECHANICAL KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED, We have simplified as much as possible to facilitate installation. To facilitate assembly, we have produced Tutorial videos available on our Youtube channel. It is not necessary to put the car on jack stands, everything happens on the right side of the engine area. It is necessary to have basic tools such as a flat screwdriver, a pair of scissors, etc.


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