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Meilleures Ventes


Specialized in design, creation of direct admission kits
Tailor-made developments for each vehicle

The ultimate solution for high quality air intake and engine performance!

admission GTintake 308 GTI
admission 208 GTI / DS3 PERF
admission GTintake 308 GTI

What advantages with a direct admission?


Improved engine sound



 o The original admission being often very restrictive, our kit brings a significant suction noise of a direct admission in sports use while remaining silent in normal use
 o Exhaust sound and dump valve discharge are also improved

o Power gain
o Torque gain

 The direct intake offers an optimization of the air intake within the engine. With an improved air supply and in greater quantity, combustion with the fuel will be  optimum for better performance.

    o Reduced "LAG" pedal response time 

We dramatically reduce the length of the intake circuit - A shorter intake circuit ensures a reduction in pedal response time

Secure your engine


o Oil collector provided in each of our kits

The oil recuperator makes it possible to recover the vapors regurgitated by your engine. These vapors are saturated with oil particles in particular, but also with water and fuel, which fouls the valve heads. The use of the oil recuperator is a preventive action in order to secure your engine


Our kits are designed so that the installation is easily reversible. You can therefore return your original vehicle without any difficulty


208 gti by peugeot sport

o Washable and reusable air filters

Good for the planet and economical

o Reduced fuel consumption
At equivalent driving:
The reduction in consumption is due to the increase in torque following the installation of our direct admission kit. As the torque is greater, at an equivalent engine speed, the load will be lower for the same speed.
A lower engine load automatically leads to lower consumption.

You want to know more ?

peugeot 308 gti

Embark aboard the 308 GTi GT'intake on the grand sambuc circuit

discover the sound of the direct admission gt'intake

308 GTI t9

208 GTi


Our partners

Our partners are true allies, providing support and expertise from near and far. Their close collaboration and constant commitment allow us to successfully achieve our objectives. Whether they are directly involved in our daily lives or behind the scenes, their contribution is invaluable.

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