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Updated: Jan 25



All our direct intake kits are equipped with oil catchers!

Gtintake kit oil catcher
Gtintake kit oil catcher

First of all, you have to remember that there are 3 major generations of thp that do not have the same oil vapor management system at all:

  • Euro 4 (thp150-175-202 without flow meter)

  • Euro 5 (thp 200-156-270[RczR])

  • Euro 6 (thp 270-263-208-205-225)

With each evolution of the anti-pollution standard, the engine has changed, among other things in its management of the recycling of oil vapors which are very polluting

The system opens and lets the oil vapors escape at a pressure defined by the manufacturer thanks to the PCV valve, among other things.It is for this reason that our Euro 4 and 5 kits are in 19mm oil collector and that most of our other kits are in 10mm.

The pressure in the upper engine, the cylinder head cover and the evacuation of oil vapors are different.

Indeed, by comparing a euro 4 and a euro 6, the quantity of oil vapor is much less important on a euro 6 than on a euro 4.However, the PSA system ages and after a while the oil vapors are more important.

This is why, despite requests, to date we do not sell any kit without an oil collector.

If you have no oil in the tank, your original system is still working and you have the correct oil, that's a very good thing!

On the other hand, to say that euro 6s do not need oil catchers is FALSE because sooner or later the system will leak and the oil catcher will do its job.


For example, we were working on the separation plate of 208 GTI 30TH THP208 a short time ago,It is therefore a Euro 6 engine with 117,000 kmI let you read the photos taken in the presence of the owner during the dismantling, which speak for themselves.


As explained during the launch of this project, we have created a complete intake system, which among other things improves performance, but also considerably reduces the fouling of the intake valves, so why not do without it!< /p>


The GT'intake team


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